A One-To-One Program For Executive Leaders

Elevate Your Career: Transformative Coaching Skills for Executives

Learn the leadership skill that unlocks high performance.

This one-to-one program has very limited spaces. When you join the waitlist, I'll share an activity you can start using to coach today.

This is a 100% risk-free investment. If you’re not punching the air within the first 30 days of this program, telling your colleagues, “Why didn’t I do this sooner?” then you can get your money back — no questions asked. I want this decision to be a no-brainer for you.

Is Leading like a Coach right for you?

Google found the best managers are great coaches. And you want to be the best.

This program attracts people leaders who want to grow people AND their own career. Previous students include Managers, Department Leaders, Product Leaders and HR Leaders.

You are probably feeling like this:

😨 You are uncertain how to be both a manager and a coach.

😨 You are frustrated at the lack of change in your workplace.

😨 You are fearful of having tough feedback conversations or giving bad news.

😨 You are anxious about how to work with difficult people and coach underperformers.

😨 You are conflicted about high standards while letting the team discover their own answers.

If you're reading this, chances are these challenges are keeping you up at night.

This program is designed to ensure you get promoted whilst building a positive legacy.

If any of these sound familiar... ‍ Then Lead like a Coach was built specifically for you.

You won't be the same person when this program ends. 

How It Works

A one-to-one program where you will be coaching every day for 6-weeks.

Other coaching courses charge you thousands of dollars, only to wave their hands in the air with "theory."

And by the end, you leave with a bunch of notes that sit in a folder for eternity. Meanwhile, you're still confused and unsure about the next step to take. ‍ But Lead like a Coach is about moving quickly, taking action, and keeping a tight feedback loop.

We will meet together one-to-one every week for a live coaching masterclass. After each session, you will complete a bite-sized coaching challenge, every day for 6-weeks. ‍ You'll quickly start to improve your ability to coach. Most importantly, you’ll do this in your day-to-day work, meaning you get value from day one.

And by coaching every day, you'll demolish your perfectionism, impostor syndrome, and fear of having conversations.

This is a personalised program will ensure you maximise your positive impact at work.

After just six weeks, your team will be remarking on how your leadership is helping them acheive great things.

This Program Includes:

  • 6 x 90min interactive live one-on-one sessions with Toby
  • Lifetime access to program materials
  • 48 in-depth lessons
  • 32 bite-sized challenges to apply learnings at work
  • Personalized AI Coach to Practice Coaching
  • Private community of executive leaders
  • Program certificate upon completion




🤔 Week 0

Rethinking Coaching

Coaching definitions are broken. What it means to coach at work and why it’s different.

💬 Week 1

Coaching in 1-1s

The simplest coaching conversation, but the one neglected most. Learn how to coach in your 1-1's


Week 2

Coaching When You’re in Charge (or the Expert)

The challenge of being an expert but having to ask questions. The ethical dilemma of being a coach and a manager.


Week 3

Coaching Team Members Through Change

Coaching team members who are resistant/fearful of change. Using coaching skill to influence others.


Week 4

Coaching to Build Relationships

When you listen well and ask open questions you’ll develop a powerful connection in all your relationships.


Week 5

Coaching Conversations Executives Fear The Most

Master the six coaching conversations that matter most at work.


Week 6

Coaching Your Most Challenging Client (Yourself)

Build a plan that will elevate your career and take you to the executive level.

The practical coaching tools you've been looking for.

Maybe you've tried coaching before. But, time and time again, you fall off. Something comes up. What starts off exciting becomes too difficult. And before you know it, you're back to square one. ‍ But this is because there was no accountability.

You tried to start coaching on your own, almost doomed from the beginning. ‍ But Lead like a Coach solves that problem. You learn through high engagement 1-1 sessions with a program personalized to your goals.

This creates accountability, unlike anything you've ever experienced.

Demolish your bad leadership habits.

Coaching doesn’t always come naturally. When you are under pressure, the default is often to command. To just tell people straight. Whilst that can be useful, many situations call for a different approach. A more coach-like style of leadership.

Lead like a Coach is fundamentally about changing leadership habits.

Helping you to:

✅ Ask more, tell less

Listen more, assume less

Invite more, shut down less

Pause more, speak less

Reflect more, rush less

You can’t think your way to change. You must act. That is why Lead like a Coach is all about daily actions that add up.


What makes this program unique?

This is different to the 100's of coaching courses out there, in three ways. Firstly, you'll learn the unique coaching approach I've applied with executives in the workplace. Secondly, you will learn through daily challenges that help you build the habit of coaching. Thirdly, this isn't a cohort course, it's a personalised program. I have a few topics in mind, but we will curate this adventure together.

Who is this program best suited for?

Leaders who are familiar with coaching, but now want to go beyond the basics. It's likely you'll be a manager or department leader. However, you don't need to be a in a direct management role. You could be a Product Leader or HR leader, overseeing people, but without the direct management.

How many people will be in this program?

This is a one-to-one program. We will work together individually. After running this program for some time, I've found a 1-1 learning approach works best for coach development. In addition, it brings greater flexibility to you as we can schedule the live sessions at a suitable for both of us. Upon joining the program, you'll be connected with other exectuives you have learned to lead like a coach,

Is there any form of certification or recognition upon completion?

Following completion of the course you'll receive a certificate of completion. You can share this with your employer.

What about confidentiality?

I take confidentiality very seriously, and expect the same for everyone in the cohort.

Because the workshop will ask participants to engage in coaching conversations on topics they are facing at work, the sessions will not be recorded.

Can I expense this program with my employer?

Absolutely, if you have a learning and development budget, you will be able to expense this program. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to assist with reimbursement.

Is this course worth it the money?

There are expenses, and there are investments. Expenses have no long-term returns. When you spend money on a club sandwich, a hotel room, or a concert ticket, you simply get lunch, a vacation, or a show. But with an investment, you get what you pay for and something more over time. The best investments deliver multiples of an ROI. You can sell your house or a stock for more money than you bought them for. And investing in your ideas can help you leap to a new career or double your income.

This program is an investment. Sure, the program lasts six weeks. But it pays dividends for life.